Monthly Archives: November 2017

Maths Week

We have had a whole week of Maths fun at Welton this week. We have looked at number and shape and solved some Maths problems in groups. We used shapes in DT to make witches that moved, and in our George’s Marvellous Medicine Science work we looked at measures when we made potions. We have talked about the reasons why we have sorted shapes as we have and why we think certain shapes are the odd one out of a group. Some of us attended a Maths workshop with other schools from the MAT too.

Ask your Robin if they can tell you why a circle ids the odd one out of triangle, oblong, square and circle. Have a go at solving the Maths challenges together.  Here are a few pictures of the work we have been doing this week.

Outdoor Learning

Today Robins had their first experience of Outdoor Learning as Year 1’s, and what a fab time we had! Colin went through the safety rules with us and then we split into 3 groups and all worked with an adult. This week we sharpened sticks that we will use to toast marshmallows on, we played on the muddy bank where we negotiated rope bridges, mud slides and dug for worms, as well as climbing trees and seeing who could get the muddiest bottom!!! We also built dens. We used our imaginations and we became prehistoric explorers and avoided crocodiles in the swamp! Ask your Robin how they sharpened sticks and if they can remember how to stay safe. Can they show you a reef knot?